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Johnny Truth

This woman is so freakin' annoying it's amazing they keep her on the tube. If she wasn't a female of mixed ethnicity - they wouldn't.


I think you are being too hard on her. If you have ever watched an episode of The Soup then you know that anyone who can say "Good Morning" that many times is extremely talented.

Jeff taranto

I disagree with the above comment. She is so gorgeous! I hope I have a wife as beautiful as her at her age.

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To be the best we can possibly be,
to grow, and learn in every adversity,
and not lose the success that's ours to be
requires control of our thoughts explicitly. Do you think so?

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She is kind of a character and it is great that you are sharing her story to inspire people that they want to be a reporter like her.

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Ann Curry is a talented woman that's why she has appeared in different t.v programs, her career is amazing that's the reason a lot of people admire her, I agree with them.m10m

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There are millions of reason to get through with it.


I think that the world would be better if there are more people like her. It isn't something out of this world. People that they fight to reach their dream. They are like a dying breed.

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Great conversation. I learned a lot from her.

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I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

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It is something that people should admire when someone like her reach to her position with respect and excellent work.


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